Swimming Pool Installation

One of the best luxuries homeowners can invest in is a private swimming pool in the backyard. There is no better way to beat the heat. A private pool can set the scene for the best in outdoor entertaining, offer access to easy recreation and provide hours of entertainment for the kids and neighbors. However, before homeowners grab their shovels or contract out for help, there a few things to consider when it comes to swimming pool installation.

Condition of the Yard

The first consideration is whether the yard can even accommodate a pool.Many homeowners will overlook elements that could prevent them from having a successful swimming pool installation. For example, proximity to a water source like a creek or pond could make it more likely that an in-ground pool will leak or collapse. The yard may have too many changes in elevation such as hills or dips; while this will not necessarily prevent a professional from successfully installing a pool, it could drive up the costs in grading the land. Before deciding to move forward with a pool, homeowners should hire a professional to consult and advise as to the cost and hassle of the endeavor.

In-Ground or Above Ground

One thing that might help homeowners achieve their dream of having a pool is considering an above ground versus an in-ground pool. Of course, both types of pools have their own benefits. Above ground pools can be easier to install and can get around difficulties in the landscape. They can also be a lot less expensive than in-ground pools. On the other hand, in-ground pools can be much more stable and are much more versatile. They can be designed to fit the individual homeowners’ desires, or they can be manufactured elsewhere and transported for an inexpensive alternative. Homeowners have to decide how involved they want their swimming pool installation to be and choose accordingly.

DIY or Hired Help

Homeowners should also decide if they want to attempt to install their pool themselves or hire a professional to do it for them. While it is entirely possible to dig a hole of the correct size and excavate the land for a pool, there are a number of small details that can mean the difference between a pool that lasts the lifetime of the house, and one that begins to leak after a year. In most cases, it is almost always better to pay an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of swimming pool installation. A do-it-yourself solution may save money in the immediate, but in the long run, it almost always ends up costing more.

Legal Issues

There are also many legal issues of which homeowners should be aware. In some states, a home must be properly zoned before a pool can be installed. In other states, an installer must be licensed by the state and file a good deal of paperwork to protect the homeowner from later liabilities. In almost all states, homeowners must install a reliable fence around the pool area to keep small children from wandering in and drowning. Before any steps are taken, homeowners should be sure to note any and all applicable laws and adhere to them exactly.

Swimming pool installation can be a complicated matter, costing a good deal of time and money. Yet, it is often still a worthy investment that can elevate a home’s value and bring enjoyment for years to come.